will be a fun-addicting ocean-themed Agario Style game and surely keeps you engaged for hours. You become a little fish roaming through a big arena in an attempt to eat as many dots as possible to evolve into a bigger creature. As first, you’re just a humble fish, staying humble for a long time is not good at all, therefore, you need to carry out an evolution on your own body by consuming the dots. You can even go absorb many rival fishes controlled by real human players, but make sure you can only aim at the ones that are smaller than you while keeping yourself away from the larger ones that will eat you up in just a wink. Once you get them, quickly absorb their powers to strengthen yourself even more. Watch out for the ultimate predator as well! You have to stay alive then work your way up to the top food chain on the leaderboard. Good luck!

How To Play About

Use WASD for the movement. Click the mouse to speed up.