Info Dynast.io Games:

Dynast.io is a unique RPG game base on Moomoo.io style. It is necessary for you to survive as long as possible! It can be a fun match that you can be addicted for many hours. You’d better build farms and castles after you collect enough resources so as to create your own empire. But, remember to always defend these structures from monsters by using swords and shields. Besides, you have to protect your body from the cold weather. You can work together with other characters and set up a team. Good luck!

How to play:
Use WASD to move, LMB to perform, T to throw items, + or - to zoom, 0-9 to choose items, Enter to chat, P to open the map, Ctrl+LMB on objects in chests to move them. Hold Shift when building to create a row or while controlling the inventory to split stacks.

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