Drillin.io – an epic massive multiplayer game online forcing players to fight one another for a chance at victory. You will compete against many players from around the world. You start taking control of a drill around the map trying to use the head of the drill to bite off the tails of other enemies then quickly earn yourself a huge amount of mass. Keep in mind that the farther up the drill, the stronger it is, giving you more strength to defeat the opponents easily. There are two colored dots scattered around in the arena, including the green ones and the red ones. The green blocks are utilized for slowly earning mass, while the red ones are utilized for launching into bigger enemies. You should use them wisely, or else you will end up getting into trouble, making it very hard to win. The goal here is to become the strongest drill in the arena! Good luck to you!

How To Play About drillin.io

Use keys A/D to turn, press key W to speed up, and use key S to stop.