Cubic Tower

Cubic Tower is a challenging tower stacking game where you have to stack a lot of blocks on top of each other for generating a giant tower. The game features standard blocks and special character blocks. The standard ones have no effect on your game progress at all, but the special ones will have many discrepant special abilities. You should be careful with them as they can help and cause some issues for your building. When you make progress, you will earn some coins then utilize them to purchase discrepant block characters. You should attempt to create the highest tower possible, but make sure it won’t collapse, or else you will have to start it again from scratch. If your tower is the highest one, you will become the winner, which is your main objective in the game. Let’s join it now and show off your building skill! Have fun with it! Good luck!

How To Play About Cubic Tower

Use the spacebar or click the left mouse button to stack