unblocked is a mix and match of two games, namely Minecraft and Fortnite. Have your skills ready for this first-person shooter io game right now. In the game, you have to make use of a wide array of tools carefully to get an upper hand on enemies and kill them all. As you kill enemies, you will gain some stairs and dynamite. Also, you will gain more loot every time you headshot other players. The stairs will be used for reaching high ground. On your way, you can release dynamite to kill enemies if they are hindering your work. You are allowed to spawn a sniper, a pickaxe, dynamite, and 20 stairs. Take advantage of them all to secure your chance of winning. You can think about either using the pickaxe to dig the ground and hide into the ground or making stairs to reach the high ground. You must pick a good way to survive and win over all of your opponents. Enter game right now to experience all challenges!


How To Play About

Press W for moving forward, S for moving backward, A to strafe left, D to strafe right. Jump with the spacebar, click the left mouse to shoot, click the right mouse to scope, press Tab to open the inventory, press number keys 1-5 to change the items.