unblocked is an Agario-based io game attracting many gamers from around the world. For all the fans of, they will surely love to play free online for a new experience. Your main mission here is to help your monster evolve through over time by eating a lot of food and killing other rival players around you. As you make your way through the map, you should focus on getting the food first to get your size larger a bit. Then, when everything is ready, especially when you already reach a good size, you can start killing your opponents. Make sure you aim at the ones with smaller sizes while avoiding the bigger ones. Like other io games, you still need to use good strategies if you want to outplay all enemies for a high chance of topping the leaderboard. Can you become the strongest chomper? Much fun with it!

How To Play About

Move your monster around the map using the mouse. Use the left mouse to attack, and use the right mouse to sprint.

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