Capture The Flag is a great team-based multiplayer game opening a challenging battle between two teams. You must fight against the rival team and attempt to capture their flag for a chance at glory. You have to move around the map full of obstacles and moving objects. They keep hindering your progress, so you need to elude all of them on your way. You can give yourself a speed boost to better your movement speed, especially you can totally get past the impediments faster. If you touch one of them, you will be eliminated from the game, and have to restart it from scratch. Make sure to work with your teammates as teamwork is a key to success! Try your best to capture the enemy flag, bring it to your base and stop the enemies from capturing your flag. Can you lead your team to the victory? Let’s play the game now!

How To Play About

Move around the map using arrow keys or WASD. Press the spacebar for a temporary speed boost, and use key Enter to chat.