unblocked turns you into a hostile and cunning Bomberman who always has a mission which is to blow up all enemies on the map by dropping bombs. When you make your way through the map of game, you can gather the green gems that are dispersed on the map. These gems will help grow your body, making you stronger than ever. When you get close to the enemies, quickly drop bombs to blow them up before they get away. Aside from the enemies, make sure you dodge the mines on the map too as they can stun you and decrease your speed for a certain period of time of you touch them. Also, watch out for the red mines because they can explode and deal very high damage. free game brings you a speed boost that can be used to elude a big group of mines or flee away from your rivals. Try to play tactically for ruling this Bomby arena!

How To Play About

Move your character using the mouse, drop a bomb by clicking the left mouse, and speed up using the right mouse.