In online, you are a free swordsman who has to swing his sword to kill all enemies in the arena. unblocked cane be considered as a new survival io game that can keep you entertained for hours. You can play it now for free and show off your skills. When you step into the arena of game, you’d better swing your weapon carefully to finish off all enemies around you. To make your sword longer and stronger, pick up colored grains on the ground. The more grains you collect, the longer the sword will become. You should be a fast and nimble swordsman that can deal with all enemies, especially the tough ones with long swords. As you collect kills, your scores will be increased, which takes you to the top rank on the leaderboard. You must prove your worth and become the best swordsman in the arena. Have fun!

Play Unblocked Online

How To Play About

Use the mouse to swing your sword and click the left mouse for acceleration.