Zor.bio MMO game is regarded as a 3D Agar.io variation, which is available for everybody to play online for free. It contains some cool features. Like other Io games in the collection, your task is extremely exciting. The first step that you need to implement after you step into the new environment is to consume the food looking like colorful orbs. They passively appear around the space. They are very important for you to become bigger. While you are trying to grow in size, you should care and keep away from all of the big planets or stronger players in Zor.bio because they can kill you in an instant. The red text will show who can be the enemy. Once you have enough the highest mass, you will get the chance to conquer the top position on the leaderboard easily. In case you want to chase or escape, you can speed up. Let’s enjoy and take over the map now!

How To Play About Zor.bio

Press W to boost, S to stop. Use the mouse to direct.