ZOMBS.io is a unique Io game which is considered as the combination between Tower Defense and Minecraft. You have various quests to do right from the beginning such as build, defend, and survive. However, the main goal is to become the strongest player who dominates the new world or the leaderboard. You are put in a dangerous location where you are stranded and surrounded by hordes of scary undead. Aside from that, you can see a large number of humans or online opponents. Firstly, you need to place down the Gold Stash to embark on creating the base. You are able to party with friends to make a bigger one. But, more zombies will appear than normal when you team up with together, especially at night. Try to complete the construction quickly! Harvesting resources like stone or wood are useful to generate towers. Gold will help you buy items from the shop. Turrets and walls are effective to directly protect your home, achievements, and mines. Are you ready to endure the last wave and gain the highest score? Good luck!

How To Play About ZOMBS.io

Use WASD to move, E to upgrade, T to sell, Shift + Alt for all upgrades, Q for weapons, B for the shop menu, P for the party menu. Press the left mouse to attack, collect and build. 

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