Info Xess.io Games:

Xess.io is a browser-based multiplayer online game which is inspired by a famous sport in the real world. The challenge that you are going to join is set in a vast chessboard. In which, you will start as a single King. The main aim that you have to complete is to capture all of the areas on the map as well as become the top player quickly. From the position that you are standing after spawning, you are able to expand and build up an own Kingdom. Click on the character and you will see many options. Pick the tile that you want and embark on your job. Try your best to unlock new units in Xess.io as soon as possible! The neighbors alway keep an eye on activities of the others to attack and invade. You can use that way to occupy more lands. But, you should act wisely. The most appropriate strategies will support you a lot. Most important, you must defend the King from attacks. Let’s enjoy and check your capability right now!

How to play:
Use the left mouse to build the army and expand the territory.

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