Info Wormate.io Games:

Wormate.io is an extremely nice and addiciting MMO game based on the style of Slither.io. The game contains a lot of cool features such as the power-ups, more customization, and an excellent food graphics which makes everything very delicous. You will play the new challenge as a tiny worm. Your task is pretty simple. The mission is to become the biggest player on the server. It means that you have to conquer the top spot of the leaderboard as fast as possible. Firstly, you should pay attention to collecing passively spawning cakes, candies, and cookies along with other useful items across the environment. They are the important source to help you enlarge and get stronger. Aside from that, you can increase the size quickly if you set traps, kill the other opponents in Wormate.io and absorbe the mass they leave after they die. Watch out! You can be attacked whenever. Speed up to escape or use that way to hunt the prey. Let’s embark on your adventure and share it with your buddies! Good luck!

How to play:
Use the mouse to direct. Press the left click to boost.

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