Info Games: is a multiplayer online game where you will become a pilot and have to control your airplane to play against other real online players. The game can be a funny test of your shooting skills, also, it has such a unique game play, and other features, which is enough to make the game more thrilling and addictive to play. Your game objective is to kill all the opponents that fly around you as you try to control your airplane skillfully and snatch up more power-ups. The sky can become nothing but a savage battlefield since it is filled with planes and pilots. If you are not careful and have no strategies, you can get killed anytime! The power-ups are very amazing, you must use them to your advantage and don’t forget the yellow dots around to speed up and fly faster. Are you ready? Let’s play the game now and see how long you can survive!

How to play:
Use the mouse to direct your plane
Shoot at enemies using spacebar or mouse

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