Info Warin.space Games:

Warin.space is an epic multiplayer online game which is considered as Agar.io with interstellar space ships. It is also a savage warfare that you can explore for free now. In the new environment, you will have the great chance to check out and prove your capability. The mission that you need to do after you choose the nickname and the team that you like most is to destroy all of the enemies in the other gang in order to take over the map. The first thing you are able to accomplish is to collect every scrap that you see along the path. They are the main resources which help you get stronger and larger. Meanwhile, you should keep away from bigger antagonists as well as assist other te ammates if necessary. In Warin.space, you don’t try to work alone. There are various abilities that you can use to win faster. Gain the highest score and wipe out the foe troop to hit the top spot. Hop in the own starship and start the engine to embark on your job! Good luck!

How to play:
Use the mouse to move. Press Q, W, E to activate abilities, left mouse to fire.

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