Are you ready to check out another multiplayer browser game that has “io” domain? Welcome to Warball.io which is also known as Agar.io 3D game. If you are a big fan of original Agar.io, you should come try this one. When joining, you will play as a tiny ball which is your main character, then you have to wander off the game map in order to hunt for generated foods. Eat them as much as possible to increase your mass. However, you should always be aware of other enemy balls around. If they are bigger than you, they can eat you up anytime. When you have a large amount of mass, you can divide your ball into pieces or throw out some mass if you want. Your goal is to become the biggest one on the whole server! The more you play, the more fun you can get. Let’s start the game now and see how long you can last!

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How To Play About WarBall.io

Use keys WASD to adjust the camera angle
Use the mouse to move your cell
Press spacebar to divide

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