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If you think you are good at killing online players using your shooting skill, you need to join online which is a funny Multiplayer Arena Shooter game now! Once joining, you will have an opportunity to improve your skills and get a lot of fun. At first, you need to give your character a nice nickname so everybody in the game will call him that nickname. When you spawn the game, you need to begin moving around the game arena and make an effort to kill the enemies as soon as you catch sight of them. Also, you are supposed to combine your skills, make a clever move and use nice strategies to defeat all of them. They are extremely skilled and tough, and they can kill you anytime if you are not careful. There are plenty of deadly obstacles that hinder your way. Let’s get over all of them and conquer more. Your main goal is to protect your life and become the best fighter on the whole server. Have fun, guys!

How to play:
Move with keys WASD, use spacebar to jump
Use the mouse for aiming and shooting
Reload with key R, spray with key F
Switch the weapon with key Q and E

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