is a real-time multiplayer game online where you will take control of your spaceship and try to demolish other ones controlled by real players. Similar to other games that have “io” extension, has such as wonderful gameplay along with many cool features for your experience. Also, the game is a good chance for you to show off your controlling, shooting and fighting skills. It will take you to the fabulous space but it’s very brutal there! You are supposed to survive longer no matter what and try to become the strongest spaceship on the whole server. You will need to pay a visit to other planets, fight them all, and shoot down all enemies. Make your spaceship grow up, and protect your ship from being attacked and destroyed by the opponents. The game may get tougher a bit but it’s very interesting! Let’s join the game now and show off your skills!

How To Play About

Use key W to toggle engine, key A/D to turn left or right
Press spacebar for launching missiles
Key Shift to turn shield on/off