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In the world of the Ufowars.io multiplayer online game, there is a fierce war set in a cramped space where you will have to fight against a lot of opponents to take over that area. Pick out the UFO that you like most and take part in the new challenge without cost. There are two options that you can experience all. Firstly, you are able to rebel and attack Earth. Secondly, you are allowed to be one of the people who is trying to protect Earth from evil pirates. In case you rise in opposition, you have to attempt to finish your job as fast as possible before the target comes across the map. On contrary, you must defend the planet as well as let it pass if you are a protector. Besides, Ufowars.io will provide various classes at the starting such as Tank, Gunner, and Cannon. Each of these characters will bring t you many exciting items and skills. After each stage, you can use upgrades to restore health or improve other abilities. Let’s play discover the combat!

How to play:
Use the right click to activate the bonus, left click to attack, Enter to chat.

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