Info Games: is a nice 2D Shooter game online with IO style. Jump into it now to explore more tasks and you will gain more gaming experiences. You must direct your character around the arena in order to gather plenty of blue orbs for more ammo as well as higher points. When you amass them enough, you can freely use them to fire all your enemies around. Make sure you aim for a nice angle before launching your shots. This will help you get rid of the enemies easily from afar. Keep in mind that your rivals will do the same to you, so dodging their incoming bullets will be a must if you want to prolong your life. Stay watchful for the deadly barrels as well since if you hit them, you will die right away. But you can use the walls as your cover when you are not strong enough to handle the shots of enemies. How long will you survive? Play it now!

How to play

How to play:
Use keys WASD or arrow keys to direct your character. Click LMB to shoot down all your rivals.

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