Timaleon.com is a really addicting multiplayer online that you can play for free now. You will have the great occasion to explore a new colorful world where full of exciting challenges. Along with the special starship that you are given, you will move and discover every corner of the map. Most importantly, you should grab the chance to fight against other opponents coming from various countries at once. Like other Io game, your mission is to conquer the top spot on the leaderboard as fast as possible. What you can implement after you enter the arena of Timaleon.com is to launch accurate shots at the big obstacles, asteroids. Be careful! Avoid crashing into their parts when they are exploded or you will have to regret. Not only that, you are allowed to attack others or build an alliance. Collect power-ups if you want to increase the combat capability. Let’s enjoy and gain the highest score!

How To Play About Timaleon.com

Press WASD to move, left click to fire.