Territor.io is a new clone of Splix.io game that you shouldn’t miss! Check this Multiplayer game out right now to explore new features as well as awesome challenges. Similar to the predecessor, you will also direct your character that has a tail behind in order to enlarge your current home base by capturing a lot of space. Make sure you go back to your base faster so that other players won’t be able to hit your tail. If they grab a chance to do so, your game progress will be gone, and you will die instantly, causing you to start it over. Do not go further away from your base, you won’t be able to get back to it in time, giving more chances for other enemies to hit your tail. Keep an eye on the surroundings as you try to grow your territory. The game gives you two bounties, such as speed bounty and score bounty. How long will you survive? Play the game now!

Territor.io Demo Video:

How To Play About Territor.io

Use the mouse to direct your character around the arena to capture more space for your territorial expansion.