Info Games: is an extremely interesting free-to-play multiplayer online game which is similar to In the new and nice world, you will control or play as a small weak snake. The main objective is to be the longest player. To reach the goal, you need to reach the highest rank, collect the best score, and meet other requirements. In addition to that, you should remember that you are joining in a competitive arena in which you have to fight against a lot of opponents. Not only that, you will soon find yourself trapped inside a big trap filled with spikes. Don’t worry! Move carefully and avoid them. Try to pick up dots! They will give you different effects. They and other enemies in are the major food source. Apply tips like cutting off or baiting to attack the target and absorb their mass after that. Let’s experience and explore the appropriate strategies now! Good luck!

How to play:
Use WASD or arrows or the mouse to move. Press W and S to attack.

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