Info Games: is a new multiplayer online game inspired by the Io games style. It will bring players to a fast-paced combat where you have to show up your ability to take control of the own spaceship. The challenge that you are joining is set in a 2D small arena in the outer space. Fight against a large number of the opponents from other countries in the world and try your best to defeat all of them a soon as possible so as to take over the top spot on the leaderboard quickly. Use the weapon that your ship is equipped to attack the target and defend your pilot. Aside from that, allows you to destroy other silver crates which are located across the map. They contain power-ups and useful items giving you the chance to upgrade and improve abilities as well as clear the enemy faster. Not only that, there are plenty of locked vehicles in the store. Let’s engage the battle right now! Have much fun!

How to play:
Press WASD to move, the mouse to shoot, Spacebar to activate the power-up.

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