Info Games: is an interesting Io game where you are able to play against new opponents coming from other countries all over the world. It is not only a simple adventure but also a survival combat. You will start off with a colored dot. Leave the beginning point and use that item to draw a line and circle another area to capture it. The mission that you need to accomplish in the shortest time is to conquer the whole map. You should figure out the appropriate strategy to complete the goal and become the winner of the day. Firstly, you have to expand the small kingdom. Next, you can think of how to running into the tail of others to kill them. Don’t forget to defend the own achievement or you will fail! There are a large number of enemies surrounding you. The score, the blocks and the kill that you obtain will help you beat the highest position of the leaderboard a lot. Let’s choose the name for the realm in the future now!

How to play:
Use the mouse to control the own dot.

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