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Enjoy multiplayer online game and experience the new combat for free! It is inspired by two famous styles of Sumo and Io games. The main aim is to conquer the highest rank on the leaderboard in the shortest time. To become the winner of the day, you should keep that top position as long as possible. Being one of the wrestlers, you need to act cautiously to knock all of the opponents out of the ring to earn points. The score you earn during the will give you the occasion to spend on buying upgrades and dominating the arena. Enter the shop located at the bottom of the screen and pick out whatever you love then. Or, you can choose the items by clicking on them. Wander around the map wisely and act properly to keep yourself balanced on the stage as well as prevent other players from kicking you out of the safe position. Try to bait the prey and apply other strategies carefully! Good luck!

How to play:
Press WASD or arrows to move, Spacebar to activate the special ability.

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