multiplayer online Io game is an interesting adventure of you and other people. All of you are stranded in a strange and dangerous world in which you have to find the best way to survive the cold and hunger. The first step that you are able to do to defend yourself is to wander around the area and collect the most necessary natural resources as many as possible until you can craft a campfire and other tools. Aside from that, you should find food and eat to restore the energy and become stronger. Don’t forget to create a garden and plant seeds! With the sword, walls, picks that you make from wood and stone, you can use it to prevent other wicked guys along with wolves from attacking you. In some situations, you are allowed to live with them together. You’d better search for gold and diamonds to upgrade every object that you obtain. Everything is ready for you to explore. Let’s play and dominate the leaderboard!

How To Play About

Use arrows or WASD to move around. Press the left mouse to collect the resource, craft items, and fight.