Info Spred.io Games:

Play Spred.io multiplayer online game for free and conquer the highest rank! There is only one mission that you need to complete to become the winner that is to capture 90% of the map. Take control of a cell and move with that special item in the best direction so as to convert as many tiles as possible. Aside from that, you should remove all of the other players to claim their territory, which brings to you the mass every second. Once you are enough strong, you’d better build up a fortress to defend what you obtained. During the journey in the Spred.io, you are able to rush in the opponent aggressively to make them damaged. Not only that, shoot the poison to weaken the foe or demolish their walls. Fire the food to give somebody a hand or upgrade the wall. In Spred.io, you can split. There are still many hidden strategies. Enjoy the combat and uncover all!

How to play:
Press W or Z to fire food, X to fire the poison, C to build the wall, V to destroy the wall and get a small refund, Spacebar to split.

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