Info Splix.io Games:

Splix.io is one of the most popular Io games. It is the challenging adventure of dots. You will take control of one of them and help yourself build up the largest territory on the map in the shortest time. Once you collect all of the lands, you will become the King as well as take over the leaderboard. After spawning on the new environment, you need to figure out the best way to move and capture an area without running into anybody. If you are weak and cause a crash, everything that you have created will be destroyed. However, you can attack and invade the sector of other players if you implement a right strategy. Splix.io is a very competitive combat including various difficult rules. Also, there are a lot of strong and wise enemies. You’d better act cautiously to defend the own achievement and reach the goal. Are you willing to play and beat the top spot? Let’s share with your friends and engage the battle right now! Good luck!

How to play:
Press arrows or WASD to move and capture lands.

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