Fly around the galaxy with your spaceship in a fantastic IO game called to experience new challenges and confront with more opponents. You will face off against numerous rival spaceships along with numerous asteroids. So try to have your skills ready to shoot them down from afar, collect a lot of dust from the asteroids, defend your spaceship all the time and attempt to survive as long as possible. You may want to improve the strength of your ship. To do so, you must move around picking up extra devices and stronger weapons then quickly equip them so you can deal with more enemies. Missiles and plasma gun will be the crucial weapons that can make you the unbeatable boss. Hence, make an attempt to obtain them! The size of your ship will get larger than ever if you make a game progress, gain more space dust and stay alive longer. Are you ready for this? Let’s give the game a try now!

How To Play About

Control your ship around the arena using the mouse. Press spacebar to make a speed boost more and more. Click LMB to fire standard lasers, and press RMB to use extra weapons.