Info Games: is a cool fast-paced free online multiplayer game set in a strange dangerous space. In the environment, you will take control a spaceship and take part in a great battle against a large number of the enemies coming from other planets. The main aim is to take over the vast sector as fast as possible to become the winner. Right from the beginning, you should fly around the map and find the prey. After that, try to launch accurately strong shots at the target to remove them as well as prevent every assault for survival. Driving and shooting abilities will help you in every situation a lot. Aside from the opponent, will bring to you asteroids. Avoid, destroy them and obtain the shield. They are useful to set traps. Meanwhile, clearing the other players will offer the score.Let’s prepare for the adventure and unlock all achievements now!

How to play:
Press W to thrust forward, A and D to turn. Hit left click to fire.

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