Info Games: is a fun multiplayer online game set in a cool 3D world. In which, you will play as a small snake which is trying to survive in the new environment filled with dangerous enemies. Your mission in the adventure at this time is to become the longest player. It means that you have to take over the top spot on the leaderboard as soon as possible. What you need to do after you choosing the skin and entering the map is to find and eat all of the food scattered across everywhere. They will give you the chance to enlarge and get longer. The own tail has many uses. You are able to cut the prey off and absorb them. Also, there are various tips that you can apply in They are fairly similar to strategies of In some cases, you should speed up to keep away from the hunt or set a trap. Don’t run into rocks or the opponent! Let’s explore and conquer the challenge now!

How to play:
Press arrows to move, Spacebar to boost.

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