Info Games: is not an exception when using the image of snakes to create the game. It has many similarities to, one of the famous Io games. The mission is to take over the leaderboard. Choose the favorite nickname, enter the new map and take control of a very small snake at the beginning. You need to grow in size or enlarge or get longer as fast as possible by killing all of the opponents and collecting orbs. There are various strategies or tips that you can uncover during the combat. Remember to apply them in the appropriate case! For example, you are able to cut them off or bait them. Speed up in case you want to chase the prey or escape the stronger enemies. Absorb the mass of slain snakes to get more power. Aside from that, you should not ignore gold stars because they will bring about a lot of money. Avoid running into the tail of others and the world boundary to survive. Let’s play and gain the highest score!

How to play:
Use the mouse to move. Press the left click to boost.

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