Info Games: is an online multiplayer Io game leading players to a new world where you are able to find yourself as the controller of a spaceship like a triangle of a certain color. Along with the skin that you select at the beginning, you will receive many unique base stats. After picking the necessary items on the starting screen, you can enter the 2D arena in which you have the chance to meet up with a large number of people from various places. The main aim of you is to become the King. What you need to do to reach the target is to dash through every shape that you see across the map to kill them and unlock the higher level. Aside from that, is a great combat where you are allowed to activate awesome power-ups related to speed, damage, health, and much more. When eligible, you can pick what you want. Let’s play and check the experience right now! Good luck!

How to play:
Use the mouse to move. Press the left mouse to attack.

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