Info Games: is an extraordinary multiplayer online Io game which including a few simple rules. However, it is not easy for you to conquer. Before you enter the fun arena with others, you need to master controls to win in the short time. After you start, one person will describe the world and the remaining people will try to guess it as fast as possible. Some of the words will be forbidden during the game in order to make the challenge more exciting. If you take the role of the describer, you should complete your task without using them. You will obtain more scores if there are faster and more players engage. In case that character is changed after one word, everybody has the chance to continue. You’d better pick up the easy term and give many examples of usage of it because the guesser will take look at the uncovered letter. Let’s play and learn more!

How to play:
Use the keyboard to guess and describe the word.

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