Info S0urce.io Games:

S0urce.io is a Multiplayer game concentrating hacking the players. If you grow interested in this IO game genre, you should check it out to experience challenges. The game lets you select a player in a target list first, then you will use “Hack” button as well as select a certain port prior to attacking him/her. If you hack a lot of other players in the game, you will earn a bunch of BT coins which can be used on further data miners. They will give you more online money for sure. The game allows you to leave a message for the target you have just attacked, and your message will be displayed on his profile, which is visible to all other hackers. Don’t forget to research on plenty of types of data mines and stay watchful for three kinds of firewalls, A, B and C. Remember to refill the firewalls so they can protect you much better, and nobody can take your coins away. Good luck!

Video Demo

How to play:
Choose objects, interact with in-game items by using the mouse only.

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