is a fun multiplayer online Io game which is based on the space shooter, which is set in a completely new 2D environment. In which, you will control a small spaceship as a part of one of the two teams. You are engaging a fierce battle against each other. The mission is to destroy all of the enemies quickly before they do the same for you as well as capture your planet. If you play as a guest, you will only receive one type of starship available coming with a default rocket launcher weapon. But, you will possess several ships consisting of one with a mini-gun in case you sign up to their site. Aside from the main aim, there are two primary objectives in that you can explore and experience, including taking control of the territory while shooting down the opponent. In the combat, you’d better assist other members when they are in danger. Let’s enjoy and conquer the difficulty now!

How To Play About

Press WASD to move, Spacebar to launch rockets.