Info Games: is an awesome free-to-play multiplayer online game where you will be only allowed to move without touching. You will start the new adventure as a short snake. Wander around the world which is full of blocks and find the best way to become the longest player. The main aim is to conquer the top spot on the leaderboard as fast as possible. What you should carry out after you spawn on the map is to move carefully to collect the single colored squares, which become the tail after that. Aside from that, you can eat the part of other players when you run into and cut their body. You will gain more experiences then. In, you are able to fire, triple fire, accelerate, and jump of head. If you know how to combine the length, the time and decapitation opponents, you will create a successful strategy. Let’s enjoy and beat every challenge now!

How to play:
Use arrows or WASD to move, '+' or I to fire, '-' or O to triple fire, '*' or P to accelerate, Spacebar to jump of head.

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