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PirateBattle.io game puts you in the shoes of an aggressive pirate whose mission is to destroy all opponent pirate ships to gain the dominance. In this Multiplayer game, you will have to control your ship around the ocean and try to deal damage to the rival ships. Keep in mind that you will need to fire 4 hits to defeat a small ship, and for the big ship, you must use 10 hits with plenty or armors to take it down. After destroying the rival ships, you should quickly pick up their dropped coins in order to take back your lost energy as well as buy a lot of cool upgrades for your own ship, like health, ammo, speed as well as damage. Those upgrades will increase your strength to help you fight off your opponents more easily. Attempt to stay alive as long as possible so you can obtain your objective which is ruling the entire arena. Have fun!

How to play PirateBattle.io:

How to play:
The ship can be moved around the arena using the right mouse button. You can fire your enemies by using the left mouse button. Perform a speed boost by using spacebar, and upgrade your ship with keys 1234.

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