Experience a lot of challenges in a wonderful 3D arena of a new iO game called Orn.io! The game has a similar game style to Agar.io when the big balls can kill the small balls by rolling over them. When you spawn into the arena, you will begin directing your ball around the 3D map to consume as many spawning smaller balls as possible in order to develop your size. When you run into a bigger ball, you should quickly dodge or run away from him. If you don’t, you will be rolled over by him and die instantly. You can only fight him back only when you’re big and powerful enough. So stay watchful for the surroundings since your opponents have various sizes. In addition to that, you must keep your ball away from the spikes that are scattering around the map too. You will be broken into pieces with the loss of your points if you touch them. This sounds so challenging, right? Let’s give it a try now!

How to play Orn.io:

How To Play About Orn.io

Use keys WASD or the left mouse button to move your ball around the arena. You can split it with spacebar or the left mouse button. Rotate the view by using the mouse.