Info Oib.io Games:

Oib.io is a delightful free-to-play multiplayer online browser-based game in which you will have the chance to take part in a thrilling combat of Queens. Indeed, you will control one of them after you step into the new arena. Your mission is to her dominate the world map as soon as possible. By sending your troop, you can capture all of the opponents. However, you should have enough soldiers to attack the target. The first thing you can accomplish at the start is to merge units together. After that, you can split the bigger ones into smaller. And feed selected units to your queen. It’s fairly fast to spawn up to 30 at a time! If you leave them without doing nothing for too long, their health will lose gradually. When you set up a stronger troop, you can launch an attack or seize the prey nearby for a rush onslaught. In case you take out an enemy queen, you will obtain some scores. Let’s play, conquer the leaderboard, and explore much more tips!

How to play:
Use the right mouse to move, left mouse to select the queen.

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