Info Games: is a new fun Io game has appeared in the collection. There is not any special strategy. Just play and experience the challenge on your way. Control a small butt and move it in the direction that you want in order to eat beans scattered across the map. These seeds are the necessary and important food for you as well as other players to generate farts which are used to destroy all of the opponents around you. So, you’d better absorb as much as possible. You are able to speed up to chase the prey or simply keep away from the other’s attack. In other words, you should properly activate abilities like stinky farts, fire and dangerous fart or run fast to smash assess and swallow their foodstuffs, which support you to grow in size. While focusing on onslaughts, you have to defend yourself to survive and prevent the evil guys from stealing your items. Good luck!

How to play:
Use the mouse to move. Press left click to boost, Q/ W/ E to activate abilities.

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