Namcap is a fun and addictive multiplayer online Io game where you can see something similar to a classic arcade game that you have ever played before. But, you will not explore the challenge alone. There are a large number of other players around you. They are the opponent that you need to beat if you want to become the one taking over the maze. After you enter the nickname, you will move throughout the map. For the team yellow, you have to eat the green dots to collect the point and drop a blinding item to make the chaser confused. You can eat a pill and take the revenge on ghosts and consume them back. If you are a member of the opposing group, you should absorb the yellow guys and steal their score. Not only that, you are allowed to break walls to surprise the prey. In case you swallow a pill, you will earn more points and a few breaker tools. Good luck!

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How To Play About Namcap

Use arrows to move, Space for team yellow to drop a blinding item, and for team ghost to break a wall.