Info Games: is an awesome upgraded version of the famous multiplayer online browser-based game called Pick out the favorite skin, enter the new world and control a strange creature looking like a long worm or something similar to the snake in At the start, you will only move in a very small area owned by yourself. If you want to expand it or claim much more, you have to work hard and wisely by moving carefully through the flag as well as drawing the border. Doing that action many times is a good way to capture adjacent lands. From the moment your territory becomes larger, you also make the country of the opponent disappear. Different from, are equipped with various abilities related to speedor shield that you can activate if necessary. Try to coordinate defending and attacking smoothly to survive and win! Play and conquer the leaderboard! Good luck!

How to play:
Press arrows to move, Q to speed up, W to enable impregnability, E to view more.

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