Info Games: is an online multiplayer game possessing many similarities to In the new competitive environment, you will play as a tiny frog. The main aim is to dominate the leaderboard as fast as you can by reaching the highest ranking. Once you enter the playfield, you have to attempt to absorb glowing dots which are considered as the important food at the beginning. Obviously, you can eat other smaller players and attack bigger ones if you want by setting traps and making them run into the mass you leave behind when you speed up. Don’t ignore any signal pushing you in the most dangerous situation or you will die immediately! When you are lucky and successful, your size will be increased very quickly. It means that you will get stronger a lot. Let’s take part in the adventure and take over the vast pond right now! Make sure you can survive until you achieve the target. Good luck!

How to play:
Use the mouse to move, left click to boost and set traps.

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