Munera is an awesome multiplayer online Io game which is regarded as a cool simplified version of Treasure Arena. But, you can find other exciting features not related to the upgrades or weapon selection. In the new world, you will battle against a lot of enemies coming from several different countries. There are various classes that you can choose to play such as Wizard, Knight, Ranger, Orc, Ogre. Aside from that, you should pick out the control you feel suitable. The main aim that you need to implement is to dominate the top ten global ranking. Just explore and fight in the way that you like most to reach the highest position on the leaderboard. When you wander and collect golden coins, they will give you score points. Besides, pick up power-ups to restore the own health. Gathering enough XP will help you improve your abilities. Let’s engage the challenge and discover the first dungeon!

How To Play About Munera

Use WASD to move, the mouse to attack the enemy.