Info Games: is a creative multiplayer online game that you can enjoy for free. The objective is to clear the whole map as fast as possible. Enter the new arena and control the own powerful tank skillfully in order to defend yourself and shoot down all of the enemies that you encounter quickly before they have the chance to counterattack. Not only that, you can level up if you are successful. Be careful! Other players can kill you anytime if you don’t pay attention to dodging their assault. When you die, you sometimes get half the XP or you will end up starting at zero. When you unlock the new challenge, you can spend the point on buying many upgrades including weapon damage, reload speed and so on. Besides, special abilities that you possess in will let you go invisible and sneak up on the opponent. It is regarded as an effective strategy. Play and share the game with your buddies now!

How to play:
Use the mouse to aim and shoot, WASD to move.

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