Info Games: is a funny multiplayer online game in which you can choose the character that you love to start the new challenge. The mission that you have to complete is to become the strongest animal. Once you reach the highest level, you can dominate the leaderboard easily. After you enter the beautiful arena, you should eat as much food as possible to collect more XP which helps you evolve or turn into another species. While you are finding fresh fruits or other items, you need to keep an eye on the enemy when you are still weak. They can hide in the bushes or holes and jump out of those places quickly to catch you. In some case, boosting will give you an exciting advantage. Aside from the victuals, don’t forget to search for small blue ponds to drink water. Besides, there are other interesting areas on the map waiting for you to discover. Let’s enjoy and unlock the final stage!

How to play:
Use the mouse to move, left click or Spacebar to dash, right click or W to shoot water, Enter to chat. Hold W in the lake to dive.

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