Minesweeper.io is an online multiplayer Io game promising to offer an extremely exciting experience for everybody. The main objective that you need to accomplish is very important because it relates to the survival of your kingdom. So, what you will do after you enter the battlefield is to expand the initial land as fast as possible. However, the final mission is to dominate the new world by conquering all of the areas on the map. Once you reach the goal, the top spot will belong to you without difficulty. You can get some minor troubles at the beginning. Don’t worry! You will soon find out the best way to beat the neighbors. In Minesweeper.io, you should not uncover any mine or your challenge ends in an instant. However, you can click on an empty square. It’s completely safe! When you ferret out a number, it will reveal how many mines which are being placed in the eight surrounding squares. From the information you receive, you can choose the path to continue. Good luck!

How To Play About Minesweeper.io

Use the arrows or the left mouse to play.