Info Games: is an online multiplayer Io game like But, instead of being a snake, you are in control of a jellyfish. In a new environment set under the sea, you will have the chance to play against a large number of dangerous opponents. The main aim is to take over the leaderboard as soon as possible. You need to do various quests to reach that goal. The first step that you can implement is to collect and eat bubbles containing necessary nutrition which helps you enlarge and get stronger. When you are bigger, you can use a strategy called cutting-off to kill smaller or even larger players in By boosting properly, your own tail will put an end to the prey quickly. Swallowing their mass is a good idea to obtain more mass. However, you should act carefully or you will have to bear the same consequences. Good luck!

How to play:
Use the mouse to move, left click to boost.

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